BEATYFUL + PART 1: How to Apply Pre-bonded Hair Extension?


Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions

Pre bonded hair extensions are simply hair extensions where the hair is bonded into an individual strand using keratin glue.

Now we have to talk about the method of wearing in detail.

Micro RingI Tip Hair Extensions

A Micro Ring/ I Tip Hair Extension is a fitting method that requires the clamping of a small copper ring/tube to keep an extension strand in place. This method is one of the safest and most popular on the market; as it requires no heat or glue, resulting in no damage to the natural hair.

How to apply for micro loop hair extensions?

  1. Gather a strand of hair. 
  2. With your free hand, take a micro ring extension and place the loop over your thumb and forefinger. 
  3. Pull the natural hair through the fish line loop using your thumb and index finger. 
  4. Hold the micro ring with one hand and the fish line loop with the other. 
  5. Pull the fish line loop so that the natural hair begins threading through the micro ring. 
  6. Pull the natural hair completely through the ring. 
  7. Use the pliers to squeeze the ring shut. You need to squeeze quite firmly but is it not necessary to crush the ring closed. Too much force can damage the ring and also the hair. 
  8. Repeat previous steps. You may place the extensions according to the person’s head and hair type and the number of micro ring extensions you intend to use.

More about micro loop hair extenisons

Apply I tip Hair Extension

How to apply I tip hair extension

Apply Micro Loop Hair Extension

how to apply micro loop hair

Fusion bonded – another name for U-Tip and Flat Tip extensions.

Fusion bond extensions are hair extensions that are bonded or fused  to your hair with heat. We recommend you use a qualified professional to fit fusion bond hair extensions, otherwise, you risk real damage to your own hair.

how to apply u tip hair extension

Are you think Micro Rings Extension is better than U Tip Hair?

You might think that because micro ring extensions don’t use heat, they’re better for your hair than fusion bond extensions. Not quite!

the difference between i tip hair and u tip hair
Micro ring extensions are a type of pre-bonded extensions that have a loop attached to them for quicker, easier application than U-tip extensions.
You don’t need heat to attach them to your hair though; instead, you attach them by looping your own hair through the little rings. The lack of heat means they’re safer in some respects, but if you apply them incorrectly, the potential for damage is far worse than with fusion bond extensions.

How many bonded extensions for a full head?

The amount of bonded extensions you need for a full head of hair depends on how much volume you want and how much hair your head size, usually, 150-200g can make youe head full.

Of course, this is not absolute. Some people may need more, and some people need less. We recommend that you Book in for a consultation with a qualified hair extensions technician. They’ll guide you through the type of bonded extension that’s best for your locks and help you understand how much hair you’ll need.

How long do pre-bonded extensions last?

The life of your pre-bonded extensions is affected by the way they’re cared for and by how often they’re reapplied.

The condition of the hair. If you’ve cared for your extensions and given them plenty of love and tying them back during exercise, you’ll probably be able to reuse them.
Reapplication time. Your pre-bonded extensions will naturally move down as your own hair grows. After a point, you’ll want to have them reapplied, depending on your hair type this will be between 8-12 weeks.

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