Revive Dry and Damaged Hair Extensions after swimming

Summer is a great season for women to show off by swimming pools or on the beach with extended hair. However, under the sun, saltwater or chlorine in swimming pools can all lead to extensive hair damage. Learn exactly how to repair dry and damaged extensions after a sunny summer. Oftentimes, the root issue with hair extensions that are dry and damaged is a lack of moisture. When the natural oils are stripped from your human hair, Remy hair extensions, they become dry, straw-like, easily tangled, and appear dull and lackluster.


1. The moisturizing method with oils and lotions

Start this method with damp hair that has been washed or rinsed with warm water. Warm temperatures open up the hair cuticles and allow moisture products to penetrate. Moisten with water, then uses some of the natural Argan oils, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil. This is followed by rubbing the hair cream, concentrating on the middle to the ends and avoiding the top where there is duct tape in the extension ending by letting the extensions dry in the air or dry on a warm setting.

2. Warm Oil Treatment

This method works best for temporary hair extensions you can easily take out.

First: Put about ¼ cup of oil in a large to medium size glass or ceramic bowl and microwave it for one minute. The oil should be warm and not too hot

Second: Place your extensions in the bowl so they are fully covered by the oil

Third: Put the extensions in a plastic bag, close the bag, and let them sit for about one hour

Fourth: Rinse the extensions in water or wash them with a gentle shampoo

Five: Use conditioner and rinse Finishing: Place the extensions on a clean towel and let them air-dry overnight.


3. Boiling Pot Method

First: Bring a small pot of water to a boil

Second. Add ten to twenty drops of olive, or coconut oil and two tablespoons of hair conditioner

Third: Place dry extensions into the oily water and let them sit for 10 minutes

Fourth: Once the water has cooled down, remove the hair extensions Finishing: Place them on a towel and let them dry overnight

4. Hot water method

Seems more sophisticated than the above measures, but also very effective.

First: Pour hot water into a medium sink or sink

Second: Put hair extensions inside

Third: Apply a small amount of the sulfate-free shampoo and gently massage the extensions until clean

Fourth: Rinse the extensions until no shampoo is left

Fifth: Pour in new hot water and add extensions again.

Six: Add a few drops of natural oil and a small amount of conditioner to the water and expand

Seven: Gently massage for oily water and extensions

Eight: Leave your hair overnight

Nine: The next day, while the extensions are still wet, gently brush starting from the ends and brushing your way.

Ten: Rinse with warm water

Eleven: Put on a towel and let dry in the air

Finish: Once the extensions are dry, gently brush them to make sure there are no knots

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